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These rods are great for casting big flies. The reels have extra wide and ventilated abours which let the line dry quickly.

8wt-rod-man.jpg 8wt Salt / fresh water

Crony GC pro series 8wt Rod info

EUR 230.00

6wt1.jpg 6wt Rod

Crony GC pro series 6wt Rod info

EUR 0.00
Out of stock

Reel.JPG Fly reel

Manu salt water fly reel Reel info

EUR 155.00

Aqua.JPG 8wt Fly lines

Aqua pro. Continuing innovation in fly line tecnology has enabled AquaPro to deliver a line that not only represents exellent value for money, but also delivers performance to the highest standard with many new features such as Arrow Slick Coating, Poly Vinyl Tecnology and a Dynamic Braid Core. AquaPro casts big flies further and at a price that if you tread on it while stand on an old mussel bed yoy won't cry a much as if it was a Rio.

EUR 26.00

backing.JPG Backing

Premium Polyester Backing

Hi viz yellow 15kg.

EUR 2.50