Salt water fly fishing
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 Salt water fly fishing.

When you think of salt water fly fishing most people imaging tropical islands in the Carribean.  There's more to it than that, and much closer to home.Sea-trout

Europes northern coast line is a great place for salt water fly fishing. With many sheltered bays and sand flats, plus thousands of esturaies.
Britain alone has acoast line of over twelve
housand four hundred kilometres, with every coastline imaginable.

Whatever the fish that swims in coastal waters, it will take a fly. It can be a big clouser fly for bass, or a small silver sparkler for flounder. You name it, it takes flies.

Put off by that massive expanse of water in front of you, don't be. In most ways it's easier than fishing a stream or lake. There's no bushes to snagg on the back cast. If it's windy turn direction and fish the other way, you can't do that in a stream. The sea is also unlike a comercial stocked fishery. If you catch in the sea, you doing well, that's a wild free fish.

From here you visit my shop where I sell a fly rod and reel that I find most suitable for nearly all types of coastal fly fishing. The products are a just as good a quality as the name brands, but at much better prices.

Also avialable is my questions and answers desk, where I shall attempt to answer your questions on anything to do with salt water fly fishing.

Don't forget, be safe. If you are wadding, wear a life jacket. Don't wade into waters you are unsure of. Wear a hat and glasses.  Go barbless, it's much easier to remove a barbless 2/0 weighted clouser from the back of your ear than a barbed one. I know I've done it.   Think fish, no matter how weird it gets.

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