Crony GC Pro series, 8wt

                                        Introducing the GC Pro series
A high performance, 4-piece fly rod designed for the serious angler that specialises in salt or fresh water fly fishing and has exacting expectations. It has a fast action and a light, sensitive tip to help anglers make short, or long accurate casts with weighted flies.
This rod has the performance of the top brand names, without the top price. They are as beautiful to look at as they are to cast. A rod any fly fisher would be proud to own.

The blank is made from high modulus, low resin carbon and Kevlar woven cloth from “TORAY”.  As a result, the blank is lighter, stronger and more flexible. The Taiwan reel seats and FUJI SiC guides offer trustworthy quality. The full wells handle with butt is made of pure natural cork from Portugal to make it light and comfortable. There is a professional, metal, fake-proof mark on every rod and it comes protected in a cloth bag and cordura rod tube.

As with all fishing tackle used in salt water, maintenance is important. After each fishing trip, wash the rod with warm soapy water and rinse in clean water. A small drop of machine oil or WD40 on the reel seat will keep the reel lock smooth. Car polish applied to the blank every so often, will offer additional protection over the years.

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